We support ( trans )formation and development

in your organization



TP Consulting is our branch specializing in business consulting.


Our clients are not looking for a transfer of skills but a service that meets a specific need located in the present.


  • Stage 1: Study of a project

  • Stage 2: Business creation

  • Stage 3: Improving the organization of your business


Whether you are in the business creation stage, or at a more advanced stage, we will advise you, we will support and support you and we will guide you in achieving your objectives.



Changing in organizations

(Agility, Scrum, ProcessCom, organizational transformation, working groups)

Team aggregation and strengthening
(team-building, cohesion, corporate culture, assessment)
Coaching for executives and managers
(professional coaching, personal coaching)

Animation and supervision of internal meetings

Our expertise: soft ( smart ) skills, coaching, training

Training Engineering 

(tailor-made training, internal trainer training)

Training programs and workshops (management and leadership, smart skills, communication)